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Staying Hydrated at the Healthy Living Festival in Del Mar

I was so excited to participate in the Healthy Living Festival over the weekend of April 8th and 9th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds near San Diego. It was great being among one of the many vendors sharing products and methods for maintaining optimum health.

I had so much fun with everyone who walked by asking if they were water drinkers. Well of course, they were at a health event, weren’t they?

“What kind of water do you drink? Alkaline water.

“Does it have minerals and is it portable?”

“Does it filter contaminants from the water and add a touch of silver to kill pathogens?”

I would then pull out a pouch of sachets from my pocket and explain, “this is my water filter, I carry it everywhere I go.”

YES, X2O is registered as a water filter in the U.S.

The foundation of a healthy pH balance is in drinking plenty of alkaline mineral rich water and the easiest way to supercharge the alkalinity of your water is by adding an Xtreme X2O sachet!

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