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Did You Know There Are Two Things Your Body Cannot Produce?

Water and Minerals!

Xooma’s X2O is mineral rich, high alkaline from a pristine ocean source, and is registered as a water filter in the United States. Due to the porous nature of the sango coral calcium, heavy metals and chlorine are absorbed and neutralized. Sango coral calcium is comprised of over 70+ trace ionic minerals, and harvested from a carefully protected area in the Okinawa islands.

Weight Loss- The body gathers toxins and acidic materials throughout the day, as it is the natural progression of metabolism and digestion. If the blood serum becomes too acidic because of these gathered acids and toxins, they are removed from the blood and stored in the liver or in the body’s fat. An acidic body has a difficult time losing weight and alkaline /mineral rich water works well to help rid the body of fat cells.

I was once sick and tired, of being sick and tired. In my 20’s I started researching natural health and after miscarrying twice, learned how important minerals are for women of child bearing years and beyond. Lucky me, I have five beautiful children! When I was handed a bottle of alkaline/ mineral rich water, I paid attention! Wow, all those minerals in a little sachet? How easy could it be?

Most difficult part is remembering to fill a bottle with water and add a new sachet. Took a little practice, but my body craved more and more water. What a wonderful side affect!

What’s cool? The minerals make the water molecule smaller with less surface tension so our cells easily absorb the water and push out toxins. Win win situation!

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