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How important is Alkalinity? Cancer for one, cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

“The cells of a healthy body are alkaline while the cells of a diseased body are acidic.” – Dr. Arthur Guyton (author of the “Textbook of Medical Physiology”)

“Since our bodies do not manufacture alkalinity, we must supply it from an outside source to keep us from becoming acidic and dying.”

Paul Raimondo, a resident in Orange County/Southern California, a professional as an Operations Officer with Charles Schwab and newlywed husband to Adeline Raimondo, parents to 8 of their children — is jazzed up amazed and grateful about Xooma’s X2O!!

For 16 years, Paul has suffered and battled with severe Chronic Acid Reflux. The inflammation from the acidity was so severe he has been hospitalized and also had to have his esophagus stretched. The swelling from the inflammation in his throat was so severe he had to literally push food down with his fingers! For Paul, sleepless, uncomfortable and painful nights…4 out of 7 days was common over the past several years. He slept on 4 pillows just to stay elevated to hopefully relieve the acidity and reflux.

By the grace of God, three months ago his lovely wife Adeline Raimondo who is a recent graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine had looked into X2O which Paul started taking. Within less than a week, he started to feel some relief. After one month, he was no longer having any symptoms and was eating liberally foods he would normally stay clear from…and he no longer had to sleep with 4 pillows!! Just a few days ago, his wife came home from an event with leftovers of his favorite white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. He treated himself to 3 before bedtime and slept like a baby!!! What an amazing way to end his day…”enjoying life before falling deeply asleep.”

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel Prize Winner)

Xooma’s X2O supplies 70+ trace ionic minerals plus all 5 of the electrolytes! No better way to hydrate.

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